Mona Suha

For over 25 years internationally active dancer, choreographer and lecturer in oriental dances and folklore styles.


Music and dance were already omnipresent in mona suha's parental home. her father a miraculous musician dancer inspired and promoted her in earliest childhood. she loved to dance already as a child on the stage, to present herself and to make music.


she went through a varied education in different dance directions. until 28 years ago when she saw on one travel to egypt oriental dance and egyptian folklore for the first time. Then it was clear - this is what she wanted to learn! no sooner said than done! she visited workshops with international teachers in munich an frankfurt and the egypt travels piled up.


she got her egyptian dance education by teachers like hassan afifi, Hoda ibrahim, tamer yehia aziz, farida fahmy, aladin el kholy, dr. gamal seif, khaled seif and momo kadous.


with zaliha from stuttgart she received running lessons until she passed away and mona took over these courses by request from zahliha. then she went completely unplanned from the student to a teacher. and soon was clear to her that "teach" other persons is a way more difficult job than dancing.


also here the luck was probably reflected to her again and she met on a workshop nahema. with her mona finished a several years dance education in munich in the areas - dance, lessons, choreography, stage presence, rhythm apprenticeship and sagat. she have shared mona like no other teacher. with big thanks and gratitude mona speaks of this special woman, dancer, teacher and mentor.


With the growing abilities also mona's students number grew and she opens her dance school in reutlingen. Now it went very quickly: Following there were intensiv courses, summer dance weeks with the fantastic egytian 4, continuing courses, workshops and shows with international and national teachers and dancers.


her shows in the town hall in reutlingen, pfullinger hallen and in eningen became a public magnet. stars like sarah saeeda, nahema, shahrazad huisman, amoura, nasrin akhtar, hassan afifi, aladin el holy, momo kadous, dr. gamal seif, khaled seif, ramzy el edlibi, anello capuano and many more were with her for workshops, advanced trappings and shows.

one of mona suva's founded and trained show dance group danced successfully on shows and contests like halima and orient magazine etc.


mona suha became a famous dancer and workshop teacher national and international. numerous appearances followed in egypt, tunisia, turkey, locates and islands in spain (she lived 13 years on ibiza), italy, the caribbean and a lot more ...


she is joyful nature which can carry away others with her enthusiasm. still curiously and openly fro new, you find her in international festivals like budapest, switzerland, sofia, warsaw, italy, spain, etc.


Mona suhl's artistic creation includes with bis passion, love and joy:

Teacher and dancer for oriental dance

teacher and dancer for egyptian, tunisian and persian folklore

coach for the ensemble luleja (earlier from svenja habiba coached)

New! Construction of a new dance ensemble

workshop teacher

organizer of dance travelling

Show presenter

organizer of stage shows and new!!!

in September 2017 together with howeida vernarlis the 3-day international dance festival "oriental Rose" at the hotel fortuna reutlingen/tübingen with gala shows, workshops, open stage, competitions, measures, fashion show, child show and a lot more ....


extract from mona suva's repertoire:

classically oriental dance - raks sharqi

Egyptian folklore

Tunisian folklore

persian folklore

singles and double stick dance

singles and double veil dance

isis-wings dance

poi and poi voi dance



rhythms & sagat