1st Oriental Rose Festival on 29th/30th of september

and 1st october 2017 in Reutlingen ( near Stuttgart ),

Hotel Fortuna.

We are honored to welcome international dancers 

and master teachers as the amazing 

Vanessa of Cairo ( 1st time in germany ),

Aladin el Kholy

Haitham Abo Amil

and more names soon.


3 Gala-shows, workshops on 3 days, open-stage,

contests, fashion-show, basar, children-show

and more.


Organized by Mona Suha Sommer & Howeida Vernarlis.


Applications for contest, open stage, basar 

and childrens show from now on:


1st time in germany! The wonderful Vanessa from Cairo!

Our Egyptian star guest and festival partner Aladin El Kholy!

Stargast Haitham Elshewihi from Sweden!